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 Week One: "The Miracle of Rebirth" by Jessica Star Rockers

As we celebrate Easter, we consider as Unitarian Universalists what it means to honor the miracle of rebirth.

Week 2: "Seeing Miracles" by Rev. Lynn Ungar

How we feel about miracles depends on what we understand a miracle to be. What do you see as a miracle?

Week 3:  "Miracle Stories" by Kevin Jagoe

Miracles are a concept that might seem a bit of a stretch for we non-theists or those otherwise unlikely to believe in things that go beyond the laws of nature and into the supernatural. Where is divinity to be found? In the stories we pass on and create through living our lives.

Week 4:  "Earth Miracles" by Rev. Meg Riley

It is a miracle that planet earth exists, with the right conditions for humans and so many other species to exist. In this Earth Day service, we celebrate those miracles and commit ourselves to allowing them to continue.

Week 5: "The Miracle of Relationships" by Mandy Goheen