Week 4

The Road to Restoration

by Tony, CLF member incarcerated in California

When I think of restoration, I cannot help but think of my time in prison so far. Before I was arrested I was a hopeless, miserable wreck that could not pull away from drug addiction. Being locked up gave me a chance to become sober and clear-minded. I wanted to use this time to become a better person. The self-help programs and vocational training available in the prison system enabled me to help myself on the path toward restoration.

My road to recovery has been a positive one, and I now have enough marketable skills to give myself a chance to succeed upon my release. I also understand the underlying issues that drove me to make the mistakes I made, and I can now spot the red flags in my nature before they become a problem.

People seek restoration for different reasons, and mine may be very different from yours. But my heart goes out to all people seeking restoration, as I know it can be a hard-fought battle.