Week 1

My Covenant with All That Is

By Rev. David Breeden, First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis


I pledge to follow

The earth’s gentle curve

As I go;


I pledge to breathe only air as I am able;

I pledge to breathe often;


I pledge to eat of the earth;

Nothing other shall pass my lips.


I pledge to wend along the ways,

Trodding earth, never air,

Clouds and sun above,

What rocks are there under foot.


I pledge to see as best I can in bright sun;

I pledge to squint as I am able in dark;


I pledge to remain

Upright at times

When I am able;


To lie prone when the need arises.


I pledge to find flames hot;

To find snow cold;

To find water according to its fashion;


I pledge to love as best I can;

To hate sparingly;

To mock seldom;

To judge not;

To jump to few conclusions;

To subscribe to few illusions.


I pledge to be

As I am able

And to cease

As the rules require.