Week 4

In Midwinter

by Rebecca Parker

Theologian in Residence and Minister for Adult Spiritual Formation, All Souls Church Unitarian, Washington, DC


In midwinter

the world comes indoors

and is our guest of honor.

Arms hug the arriving logs

that clatter in to take their place by the fire.


Mouths kiss the prickly branches of holly

so elegant in green and red.


The forest, which we’ve called and asked to come,

travels long roads to get here.

Finally she arrives, tired, but still bursting

with the energy of high mountain cascades and starry nights.

She tumbles across the threshold

to be fussed over until she is comfortably settled

in the living room.


Soon the whole house is filled

with the world’s presence.

And it is up to us now

to make her feel at home.


Let this be the year

we fully welcome the world,

and treat her right,

and lift our glasses in a toast to her,

and thank her,

and keep our resolutions,

and mean it when we say,


Joy to the World.