Week 3

Giving Thanks A-Z

by Rev. Gary Kowalski


We give thanks for the earth and its creatures, grateful from A to Z:

A — For alligators, ants, acorns and apple trees

B — For bumblebees, bananas, blueberries and beagles

C — Coconuts, crawdads, cornfields and coffee

D — Daisies, dandelions, dolphins and dragon flies

E — Elephants, eels, elderberries and elk

F — Fritillaries, ferns, frogs and flying fish

G — For groundhog, grasshoppers, glacier and grassland

H — Heather, hemlock, hazelnuts and hippopotomi

I — Is for icicles, inchworms, impalas and iguanas

J — For juniper, jackrabbits and June bugs

K — Kudzu, koala bears and kangaroos,

L — Ladybugs, larks, lavender and lightning bugs

M — Mountains, milkweed, marigold and mint

N — Nasturtiums, nettles, newts and nuts

O — Oak trees, oleander, otters and ocelots

P — For peonies, pandas and persimmons

Q — Quahogs, quetzal and quince, also Queen Anne’s lace

R — Is for raccoons, roses and ravens

S — Sage, salmon, scallops and scallions

T — For thistles, tigers and tamarind

U — Stands for urchins and ugli fruit

V — We have violets, vultures and voles,

W — Whales, worms and wallabies

X — Xylobium, which is an orchid

Y — Yaks and yams and yews

Z — Zinnias, zucchini and zebras. 

Let us give thanks, A to Z. 

Adapted from Earth Day: An Alphabet Book, published by Skinner House Books in 2009, available through InSpirit UU Book and Gift Shop at