Week 3

The Truth Shall Set You Free

by Justin, CLF member incarcerated in California

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set ye free…” yet here I sit with a life sentence for just that—telling the truth. Now, don’t mistake this for a “woe is me” moment! I have been incarcerated for 15 years. When I harmed my victims, I thought I knew a truth. But it wasn’t the Truth.

I became a Druid in 2006 (still UU, but a new path too!). A motto of revival Druidry is Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd —The Truth Against the World. I knew that as a Druid I would be expected to speak Truth. But first, I had to discover it!

As I studied Paganism, Buddhism, Northern Tradition Druidry and some Judaism, I saw many truths. And a Truth started forming. As I grew and began to “know myself,” my Truth began to solidify. And with the realization of the Truth came the shame and guilt of the pain I inflicted on innocents.

Now, knowing the depth of lies I’d entertained, I cleaned house, questioning every assumption and rebuilding the vessel I was, to be worthy of carrying Truth. I’d lied and lied for so long that the only antidote was radical honesty. Not easy when disclosing my crime could hold a death sentence rather than life.

But where the Light of Truth shines, darkness and lies cannot abide. I’m okay, but within, well, I’m great! I can see the potential I didn’t as a child and teen. I share freely the revelations, changing the world one Truth at a time.

“From Untruth lead me to Truth. From Darkness lead me to Light. From Death to Immortality.” — The Upanishads