“FaithRocket supports our congregation in having a shared conversation about the big questions of our faith— in worship, at home, in small groups, and on-line. Faithrocket helps me and our lay leaders stay focussed on our mission by supporting us with integrated content for small groups, communications, religious education, and more. And its great to know we are connected with other congregations using the same themes.”

— Rev. Laura Bogle, Minister, Foothills UU Fellowship

Rev. Jake Morrill, Launchpad Partner

You're doing important work out in the world.
You're on a mission.
Your community is brimming over with love.
How to take your ministry to the next level?
Faith Rocket.

Faith Rocket is for congregations who want to journey together through the year.  Not only on Sundays, in worship. But weekdays.  Online.  In real life.  Wherever life happens.  What if monthly spiritual themes gave long-time members something to share?  And gave newcomers a doorway to enter through?


Here's how it works.

First, check out our sample month, on the theme of "Earth."  It includes memes, videos, podcasts, reflective questions, small group sessions.  What if, with a different theme every month, your congregational life was enriched with all this?  What if your Facebook page and group came alive with theme-based engagement?  What if church-members who wanted to discuss the themes more deeply had sessions ready to use?

Subscribing congregations to Faith Rocket will receive access to monthly materials throughout the whole church-year, from July to June.  You can choose the worship package, which is heavy on materials to support thriving worship; Or you can choose the congregational life package, that serves the rest of the week.  Want both?  Sure, you save by combining them.

Faith Rocket is a collaborative initiative created and managed by The Church of the Larger Fellowship and Launchpad.  The Church of the Larger Fellowship is the largest congregation in the Unitarian Universalist Association, with most of it ministry conducted online.  Launchpad is a multi-site ministry and church-planting ministry, ready to support people who want to try out something big.