All videos for July and August are on this page.

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 Week 1: "Creating Our Lives" by Rev. Meg Riley

All the ways we create and how to awaken our creative selves...

Week 2: "The Shared World" By Rev. Mara Dowdall

The poet Naomi Shihab Nye speaks of "the shared world," in which we connect deeply with one another in and through our differences. What does it mean to live in "the shared world"? As we navigate this time of peril and possibility, beauty and anguish, despair and resistance, how might a theology and practice of "the shared world" help us find our way?

Week 3: "Prayer as Intentions" by Amanda Witherspoon 

Week 4:  "Re-Storying Hope" By Rev. Alison Miller

The stories we tell matter. They have the power to shape who we are and who we are becoming. We Unitarian Universalists (UUs) are blessed to draw from many sources. How do we choose stories that inspire us to live into the promise of our faith and up to the challenges of our time?

Week 5: "The Soul of a Humanist" By Kevin Jagoe

The essence or soul of a Humanist worldview involves more than a rejection of supernatural thought. Learning Fellow Kevin Jagoe explores what he see at the core of Humanism, what makes up its soul.

Week 6: "A Name, A Difference" by Rev. Cheryl M. Walker

We come into our UU communities to do some good, as we make some friends and grow our souls. What other motivations might we bring with us, and which ones do we need to check at the door? What difference do we want to make with the time we have?

Week 7:  "Crucial Creativity" By Sarah Prickett

When the stakes are high and the news ranges from bad to worse, anger, grief or hopelessness may threaten to gain the upper hand. Creativity can be a balm or a spark, a source of resistance and nourishment for our bodies and souls.

Week 8:  "In All Thy Getting, Get Understanding" by Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd

What do we enter into congregational life hoping to get? So many things, perhaps-but underneath the consumer's idea of acquisition is the pull to a deeper en...

Week 9:  "You Do Not Have to Be Good" by Jessica Star Rockers