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 Week One: "Mayday!!!" by Rev. Meg Riley

May 1 is May Day, celebrates workers' rights and workers' strength and also May's fertility and beauty. How does the idea of freedom encompass both dimensions of this holiday?

Week 2: "The Opposite of Freedom" by Rev. Lynn Ungar

For Mothers' Day we look at "the ties that bind" and the ways that we choose to opt out of freedom.

Week 3:  "Freedom at the Threshold" by Kevin Jagoe

When we approach the end of something, do we await freedom or lament the loss of who we have been? Kevin reflects on what transitions mean during this season of graduations and anticipation of summertime.

Week 4:  "Freedom to Doubt" by Jessica Star Rockers

As Unitarian Universalists, we uphold the 4th Principle, "A free and responsible search for truth and meaning." This means, we are free from external dogma. We are free to doubt. In this service, we will examine what it means to live without answers and instead, freely live into the questions.