Week 3

“Hunger” by Reginald Grissom

Hunger is a natural response, and it comes in many forms. Hunger can be interpreted as desire, such as when someone hungers for success or inmates hungering for freedom. It is a very powerful emotion, which transcends mere desire. Hunger can also imply lust, for example: “I hunger for her body, or I hunger for his touch.” And final, hunger is a natural body reaction when the stomach lacks nourishment.

 The Holy Book reveals that God loving people should fast and in doing so, it is quite probable that you will experience a hunger struggle. But by not succumbing to hunger, it will elevate your inner strength. Thus in turn your perseverance, your patience, your fortitude, and your determination will develop profoundly when you resist all forms of hunger and fast.

 That is precisely why so many spiritual disciplines strongly urge their acolytes to fast. Nothing but goodness will come out of it.