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 Week 1: "Changing Course" by Rev. Lynn Ungar

Choosing change is hard--maybe even unnatural. But the Days of Turning that come between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur provide some hints about how to make changes.

Week 2: "Working Together to Make Change" by Jessica Star Rockers

Affecting change in the world can be difficult and overwhelming, especially when systems of oppression work against us. But even small changes can make a big difference when done consistently and in a community of interdependent abundance.

Week 3:  "For The Earth Forever Turning" by Rev. Meg Riley

Week 4:  "I Will Never Change My Mind by Mandy Goheen

Change can be necessary even when we make a promise not to. Mandy Goheen tells the story of her summer and how relationships won over obligation every time.