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"Ways of Knowing" LEADER LETTER

Dear Friends,

Recently, in a sermon, I shared the story from my sophomore year in college, when I was on a train, back up from New York to the college I was attending at that time.  I'd been wrestling for months with depression and uncertainty about whether to continue in college, or else to drop out and join my rock band.  There were pros and cons on either side, and I knew them by heart.  I'd gone into New York City to walk around, to get lost, to be able to think.  And I walked most of the day--I've always loved to get lost, for how it heightens the senses.  But it was only on the way back, on the train, that a wave of peace came over me, as I looked out the window.  I knew, deep down, that whatever I decided, it would be ok.  That I would be ok. Even more: that I was held in beauty and grace and life.  It was not a dramatic moment, nor were there words or a particular message.  But, in one moment, I did not know. And in the next moment?  I did.  In the months of July and August, Faith Rocket is engaging in the theme "Ways of Knowing."  There are all kinds of ways of knowing. The scientific method helps us arrive at objective truth.  A long relationship helps us understand what we can likely expect from a person.  And intuition, or the holistic experience that came over me--however you understand it--is yet one more.  What about you?  How do you arrive at what you believe you know?  How do you listen to, or seek out, those sources of knowledge?  This is a time to understand how we understand--in conversation, in congregations, or even on a train.  Let's explore!



Rev. Jake Morrill
Lead Minister ORUUC
Executive Director UUCF
Launchpad Partner