All videos for July and August are on this page.

The web address for each video can be copied from the YouTube icon below each video when viewed.

Week 1: "The Transcendence of Faith" By Rev. Meg Riley

Week 2: "The Power of Voice" BY Glen Thomas Rideout

Week 3: "Theology of Sexuality"  By Bob LaVallee

Week 4: "How Dancing Led to Transformation" By Rev. Lynn Ungar

Week 5: "The Practice of Atonement" By Rev. Aaron White

Week 6: "Transcendence and Naming the Numinous"
By Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford

Week 7: "The Courage to Stay" By Mandy Goheen

Week 8: "Everything Possible" By Rev. Meg Riley

Week 9: "Believing What You Can't See" By Rev. Lynn Ungar